Assessment, Management, Advice and Prevention (AMAP™)

Our AMAP™ program has you covered from Assessment to Prevention:


  • The InBody 520 analysis provides comprehensive diagnosis data essential for monitoring health. Worlds best technology evaluating your muscle, fat & fluid content with calculations of your – Lean Body Mass, Body Fat Mass, Intra & Extracellular water, BMI, % body fat, BMR and segmental lean mass.
  • Clinical examination of your cardiovascular, respiratory, GIT systems & a skin review.
  • Pathology screen that is planned specifically for you.
  • Optional Gene testing will also be discussed and include consequences of actually undertaking testing and how results will be managed.


  • We will manage any potential findings found in your clinical assessment, including referrals to appropriate specialist or further appropriate investigations.


  • Nutrition & diet advice with our doctor or organize a comprehensive plan with our Dietician.
  • Exercise plan discussion, based on your current exercise routine and findings from the In Body 520 assessment.
  • Supplement advice from our doctor, tailored to suit you and focusing on reducing low-grade inflammation.


We will work with your expectations and the latest Preventative Medicine guidelines to plan a screening plan for you based also on your age, sex & other risk factors.