Full Year Longevity

In this package, we will manage your health for a 12-month period and design a package that suites your age, sex & past medical history. The goal of any annual program, is to improve how you feel on the inside so to enjoy a healthy life all year round.

The standard package includes:

  • 8 consults with our doctor as part of quarterly AMAP reviews.
  • 4 InBody 520 assessments.
  • 4 BioAge measurements to track your progress.
  • 6 monthly pathology screening of relevant testing based on your consult outcomes.
  • 4 consults with our Nutritionist.
  • 12 Personal Training sessions with a personal trainer from our affiliated partners.
  • 12 month supply of your choice of supplements on offer; choice from Krill Oil or ResVerity. Discussion with our doctor will help you decide on which might be of more benefit to you.
  • 1 CT Calcium score, a non-invasive way of obtaining information about the presence, location and extent of calcified plaque in the coronary arteries—the vessels that supply oxygen-containing blood to the heart muscle.

Not included in this annual package: other specialist consults that may be required as a result of findings during your annual review or other ancillary costs not outlined above.