Is the Medical Longevity Clinic a general practice?

No, the service is a primary care service provided by a Vocationally Registered General Practitioner, but it does not offer all the services of a General Practice as defined by the RACGP standards for general practices (4th edition).

Does the doctor at the Medical Longevity Clinic replace my regular General Practitioner?

No you should maintain you relationship with your regular GP, however we would be happy to work with your GP or relevant specialist to manage your health care.

What type of patient is the Medical Longevity Clinic best suited for?

Our service is would be most useful for people for people over 40 who are interested in preventative health management and others who may be suffering with some type of chronic age related disease.

Why are the cost of the services more expensive than a visit to my GP?

We provide a unique one on one consulting service that isn’t rushed and that is why the majority of our consult times are 1 hour long.

Do you provide hormone advice or prescribe bio identical hormones or Growth Hormone?

The only common hormone abnormality we manage is age onset testosterone deficiency in males. We do not treat other hormone abnormalities or prescribe bio identical hormones or Growth hormones. If we were concerned with any Endocrine abnormalities we would refer you to the appropriate endocrine specialist.

Will the doctors at the clinic refer me to other doctors?

Our aim is to source the best possible care for your health, so if we identify any issue that could be better managed by a Specialist consultant, we will always suggest & refer to the appropriate doctor, in consultation with your GP.

Are any of the service at the clinic able to be claimed at Medicare or with my health fund?

Unfortunately most preventative health initiatives are not claimable with Medicare, however you may be able to claim with your private health fund if you have an extras package. However if you present with a specific illness, or group of symptoms for investigation, then part of the costs may be claimed against Medicare. Much like a GP visit for management of recognized conditions like high blood pressure or diabetes. We do not Bulk bill our consults in those scenarios.

Will the doctors at the Medical Longevity Clinic work with my naturopath or other alternative medicine practitioners?

Our focus on management in our clinic is based on traditional evidence based medicine however we recognize that some aspects of complimentary medicine can play an important role in management.